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Next Step

Sunday 14th October -

Friday 19th October 2018

The course will follow three threads focusing on different areas, but with a common theme. Most of the course will be the three streams together, however there will also be topics that it makes more sense
International Event Leader
You have attended an international camp or course and want to take the next step, being able to organise such an event in the future. Or you are already arranging regional and national events and want to transfer your skills to an international setting. You will cover Intercultural dialogue, Interreligious dialogue, Project Management, Youth Participation, Leadership skills, Game development. The trainers combined have created thousands of international courses and equipped hundreds of young people with the tools and skills to do the same.
Global leader
A more general training looking at equipping leaders with international skills. This thread will look at how organisations are contributing either directly or indirectly to the UN Sustainable development goals. We will also explore leadership in great depth, looking inward to discover your leadership type and areas of potential for personal development. Looking outwards to explore methods for leading volunteers including systemic leadership. The trainers are experts in training leaders of volunteers in youth organisations and disseminating global goals to a variety of audiences. 
International committee Leader
You are in the international committee of your organisation or the international secretary. This thread is full of best practices from various international committees throughout Europe. We are all doing similar work in the organisations and working around different challenges. How do you connect the grass roots level of the organisation to the international offers you worked hard to get? What are the options and what are the barriers? How can you get everyone in your organisation to be as passionate about international work as you? You will cover strategic mid and long term planning, marketing and promotion, structuring and Communication of international offers, conflict transformation, intercultural dialogue and a session introducing the perfect international committee. The trainers are highly experienced current and former international staff and volunteers as well as executive members of global and national organisations who can give their perspective on how to get your board onside.
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