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Next Step

Sunday 14th October -

Friday 19th October 2018

Practical details:


The language of the study session is English, which all participants must be able to speak. Your English does not have to be perfect, but you should be able to have a normal conversation.



Registration fee is 75 Euros, including accommodation and food. International travel expenses and visa costs (if necessary) will be met by the participants.

If finance is a barrier to your participation, we have a limited fund to help with transport costs. Please contact us for more details


Next Step will take place at Silkeborg Højskole, Platanvej 12, DK 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark. The better airports are Billund or Copenhagen.


Participant age

The study session is not restricted by age, but you are expected to be over 18 years old.


Application deadline

All applications received by the Course Director before 1st August 2018 will have a reduction of 25 EUR. If you register after this date the full course fee of 75 EUR applies.



When applying to participate in Next Step you must fill in the application form and submit it to the Course Director. Your own organisation should be aware of your application.

Arrival / Departures

You are responsible for your own travel however we of course can help you. For travel within Denmark use Rejseplannen (the travel plan).

You are expected to arrive on Sunday 14th in time for dinner together, and can depart from Silkeborg after lunch on Friday 19th. Participants who arrive early or depart later can be accommodated if it is reasonable (not arriving 2 months early!).

The course is led by Adric Etheredge and Rasmus Bach Ottosen.

Contact the course directors directly via email:

Invite PDF
Application link
The training course is taking place at an academy

opened by FDF but now run independently. Silkeborg

Højskole is a strange type of school that exists mainly in Scandinavia. It is for adults, so 18+, there are no entry requirements, qualifications or exams. It is a place you go for half a year to find the best version of yourself. The main subject lines are

  • Change Makers – for youth leaders in national organisations like the FDF who want to train their project management skills and leadership characteristics to an international proficiency. Usually 12-18 students from all over the world.

  • Outdoor life – scouting skills - canoeing, hiking, cooking on fire

  • Art – Painting, sculpture, live art, aesthetics, art history

  • Music – solo instruments, band playing, electronic music

  • Politics – looking at political systems around the world

  • Sport and water sports – football, kayak polo, handball, running, rounders, swimming, diving, water polo. 


There is a large focus on trying new things you would not have considered before, so there are workshops in swimming, ceramics, painting, volleyball, Judo, pottery, choir, philosophy, sculpture, photography, band music, theatre, pedagogy, Social Entrepreneur, sociology, lifesaving, kayaking, game theory, intercultural learning, anthropology, aesthetics and many more.

Next Step will interact with the Change Makers team so you will get inspired by sessions created by a small team of youth leaders from around the globe. This is an exciting chance to hear how youth work in Africa and Asia can provoke and give a new perspective of your work.

For more details about the school, visit

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