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Meet Adric

Adric lives in Silkeborg, Denmark and has been involved with the third sector for many years.


He currently serves on the board on an artistic non for profit company, active in FDF (scouts) international activities and a freelance højskole teacher, facilitating young adults to this outside the box and meet people who are different to them as human beings first.  

Key Activities:
Org Development
Democracy training
Project Management
Non Formal Education
Conflict Transformation
Human Rights Education
Intercultural Learning
Youth Participation 
Strategic Planning

Adric has been a permenant teacher at Silkeborg Højskole and other højskoles for more than 14 years and has carved out an important role for himself among the teaching bodies he is a part of. 

He is passionate about taking students to the edge of their comfort zone and encouraging them to peek over the cliff.

He non formal education methods rely heavily on experiential learning, where students experience something through a role play, discussion or activity and then need to reflect on their response and the relation of this to the broader society.

His background is unusual for a teacher, leaving school at 16 and never going back, however he continued learning in non education frames through the Council of Europe and youth organisations training programs. This unusual path has led to Adric having a unique pedagogy that shines the brightest in a højskole setting.

Adric was born and rased in the UK, but went to højskole as a student in 2004 and has been bouncing around the world for a few years saying yes to any project until he was employed at Silkeborg Højskole in 2009.

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