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Meet Adric

Adric lives in Silkeborg, Denmark and has been involved with the third sector for many years.


He currently serves on the board on an artistic non for profit company and is facilitating young adults at college to becoming social entrepreneurs and through non formal methods educating them in Intercultural learning.

Key Activities:
Org Development
Democracy training
Project Management
Non Formal Education
Conflict Transformation
Human Rights Education
Intercultural Learning
Youth Participation 
Strategic Planning

Born and raised in the UK, Adric is an Englishman who spent many years of his youth involved with voluntary youth work.
After leaving school Adric worked for 6 years in the Swedish flatpack furntiure store IKEA - moving from the task of Trolley Collector through the store until he was responsible for all the cash in the store and 120 cashiers! (with some interesting stops on the way!)
In 2004 Adric studied in Denmark at a Folk Academy together with students from around the world and got his first taste for intercultural learning.
Since then Adric has been working with various projects around Europe and the world ranging from creating a series of documentries for the European Commission, through to camps for 12,000 people. At his peak, Adric was the Chief Executive for a worldwide charity which worked with organisations in 70 countries and all with a different idea of what being a part of this collective meant. 


However while beginning his transformation of this organisation from its traditional colonial attitude to development work towards a more updated bi and trilateral approach he suffered a huge brain hemorrhage and was forced to not work for a year, loosing his position and the momentum for change.
In 2016 he made a return to international youth work by lead a team that facilitated the international element of a scout camp with 13,000 participants.


Today you will find Adric in Silkeborg, teaching intercultural groups of young adults in various subjects in højskole. He also enjoys occasionally freelancing and always looks for new opportunities to learn more from others.

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