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Introduction to Resources

All the presentations and lessons I make are protected by a form of copyright call creative commons - it basically means you can use it in an organisation but not make any financial benefit for yourself - so you cannot sell these materials or claim them for yourself. 

Cultural Glasses

Kwikslag - card game with 4 tables that have slightly different rules 

BAFA - two rooms with different cultures explore each others rules

4 images - a print out of images many people see differently.

Theory prezi a highly theoretical presentation on cultural glasses.   


These are freely available online and have different forms of copyright. They are released by organisations that want you to use them in organisations and have great activities in them.

Education pack

T-Kit Intercultural learning



Where are the rest?

I usually do not give out any of the presentations that I make for ICL / EuroClass / Youth Empowerment to students. This confuses many people. The courses are not "train the trainers" or "equip teachers" but instead the big aim of the course is to give you experiences. If you remember that the purpose is that listed below - maybe that gives some clarity to this point. 

If you were to complete leader training in your organisation it would be much more specific to what you need, however when we create leader training on this level, it is unlikely that any of the activities will work in your context without you making alterations. It is unwise to copy/paste an exact lesson, however there may be an activity that might work well with changes. If there is a specific activity you remember but want help to recreate, contact me.

Outcomes for youth empowerment

1) Teamwork experience in project work that focus on activities

2) New knowledge about yourself, your reactions and emotions

3) Communication and understanding of others

  By putting you in situations….

… with both productive and unproductive teamwork

… where you face conflict and frustrations

… where you have to think of how you communicate most effectively in the eyes of others

… where you have to make an effort to understand the other ones perspective

… where you have to organize an optimal work balance between small groups and one big group

… where you have to reflect on how and by who a process should be lead 

… where you experience high and low motivation


These experiences Youth Empowerment class is trying to face and discuss with you so that you can bring practical knowledge (not theoretic knowledge) back home with you. Practical knowledge meaning that you have experience now that can be a help in similar situations back home: High/low motivation in teamwork, facing your own frustrations/motivation, clear/unclear goals, conflicts/conflict solutions and so on.

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