Next Step 2018 is cancelled

Next Step

Sunday 14th October -

Friday 19th October 2018

What is Next Step?

A study session where 25 leaders from about 15 different national youth organisations come together for a week to exchange ideas about topics that concern us all (and have a lot of fun along the way!).


It is a week led by a planning team of expert trainers and facilitators who have experience in the themes and create a mutual learning situation where participants can compare their approaches to youth participation, intercultural dialogue and leading activities or events, organisational management and development.


All participants are expected to have some experience in youth work, project management or youth participation. They must also be active in their organisation (at local, regional or national level) and have contact to young people.


Whether you have limited expertise in this, or have been leading international projects for a long time, there is space for every level of learning.


This is an ideal opportunity to meet with and be inspired by other young people who are engaged with youth participation and committed to getting the voice of young people heard. Suitable for leaders and members of international committees, trainers, youth workers, staff, volunteers, local group leaders and young people who want to be part of, or lead their own project in the near future.

We will all eat and live together at Silkeborg Højskole, starting each day with a morning prayer organised by the participants. There will be morning and afternoon study sessions in the style of informal learning followed by a relaxed, networking based “pub” style evening program.


The course will include typical informal learning methods, for example:  group discussions, brain storming, group work and lectures from experts. With 25 people at the session, you will also sometimes be split into different workshops to explore issues that are more relevant to you and attend sessions according to your specific training needs. 


A Study session relies on your input and your interaction. The more energy and input you put into the week, the more you can expect to get out of it. Peer to peer learning is achieved through discussions and drawing from each others experiences.


The course will have a central leadership team who will facilitate the frame, but the trainers will be coming from many different organisations throughout Europe. We will bring experts who specialise and do something outstanding in their organisation to present their best practices and ideas to the course. The pool of trainers will come from different countries and include staff and volunteers from national organisations, employees of national youth councils, executive board members and chief executives from national organisations, Fimcap, European and Global Fellowship, national and international training directors.

Next Step will also be inspired by the Change Makers team at the venue, who are on a 4 month training of youth leaders from all over the world. This is an exciting chance to hear how youth work in Africa, America and Asia can provoke and give a new perspective of your work.

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